Sunday, August 11, 2013

When a woman changes her hair.....

When a woman changes her hair, it usually means that she is going through some sort of  big life change.  I have always thought chocolate brown would be fun to try for the fall but I swear I cannot get a stylist to color my hair as dark as I want it. I suppose since my hair is blonde, they are afraid I will hate such a drastic change.

From time to time I get to do fun little projects in television & film. Recently, while auditioning for a short film, I was asked if I would dye my hair red and immediately said "yes". I think I temporarily forgot that I actually like the current color of my hair. After I booked the role & realized that I actually had to go through with it, I started waking up in the middle of the night having panic attacks . I tried on loads of red wigs to try to figure out which color would look best on me. I got advice from my salon, the lady at the (very random) wig store, and Sally Beauty Supply. I had a conversation with the director about the possibility of wearing a wig and we both agreed that it needed to be my real hair.  Since I am a blogger, I decided to read a few blogs.  Fortunately, I came across a blog on that specifically discussed the topic of temporarily dying your hair red.

This is how I discovered Roux Color Styling Mouse. The product claims that it will wash out very quickly but I also read some reviews that said to expect to have this color for at least a week since my hair was already so light. I was assured it would wash out though so, given all of my options, I went with it. Being a red head for a week would be fun….right?
I chose the color "Lucky Copper" & bought it at Sally Beauty Supply.

After washing & towel-drying my hair, I started the application process by pinning my hair in sections & applying the product one section at a time.
Just fyi, using a mousse is very fuss-free.
I worked a LOT of product through my damp strands. I am not sure if you can see in this picture but, I am showing the gray that I have around my temple, which it completely covered!
This is a photo of my hair taken outside a few weeks before the application.
For comparison sake this photo was also taken outside. Look at this rich, shiny color!!
On-set hair
The gel that was used to style my hair made my strands look wet/dark, thus the color less intense in this lighting.
Indoor lighting with the porcelain makeup, etc.
It was so fun to just look completely different for a day! 
Since a lot of product was used on my hair, on top of the Roux color mousse I used the night before, I washed my hair once I got home from the shoot, which meant that the color was on my strands for about 30 hours. I could see the red going down the drain but I honestly was expecting it to take several days to go back to normal. Much to my surprise, it ALL washed out with the very first shampoo, (I used a clarifying shampoo). They call this a "weekend color" and they are right. I probably would have preferred to enjoy my spicy red hair for a few more days but, since I am getting long overdue highlights in less than a week, it is probably for the best.
Today's Hair (after 3 washes)
So, while I am not going through a major life change, I cannot wait to try another color sometime. Maybe chocolate brown this fall?
 Oh, and you may have noticed that I forgot the number one tip that I generally suggest for every project; latex gloves. I was about half-way through applying the mousse when I realized my mistake. I quickly washed my hands & noticed that they were not stained at all, so I continued gloveless. While I normally wouldn't recommend skipping the gloves, I actually think it is ok with this product.
I hope you enjoyed my little experiment as much as I did. If you want to check out the Facebook page for the short film I am a part of, the link is below. I wouldn't hate you if you liked the page too :)


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Red hair is amazing! I am so glad you were a fellow Ginger, if only for a day!

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