Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Spicy Non-Party Potato Salad

For the past several years, my husband & I have hosted a crawfish boil. It is great fun but, for some reason, I just wasn't feeling very festive this year so we decided to skip it. In lieu of a big party, my husband got a small sack of crawfish and, very last minute, invited 7-8 friends over to "help him eat it". I put that in quotations because this is actually how this all went down:

March- party plans begin, very large invite list sorted out, date selected

April- realization that there are quite a few parties around the same time with basically the same group of  people.

Late April-party officially cancelled, though e-vites had never been sent. husband mentions that he may get a small sack & invite over one other couple

May 9- I receive a text from a friend asking what she can bring on Saturday. My question, "what's Saturday?" Her response, "your crawfish boil." I called my husband who explained to me that he may have ordered a slightly larger bag and perhaps also invited more than one couple. He assured me that I wouldn't have to do a thing because "this wasn't a party". I also receive a snarky comment about how easy it is to organize a get-together and how he doesn't need my assistance to plan this non-party,  or fancy table clothes or a bunch of dips (insert rolling of eyes here). Verbatim, what he said was, "NO DIPS!" Um, who is in charge here? We may need a re-train, jk!

May 11- after going to the grocery store (twice) for things my dear husband forgot, including more crawfish boil packets and ice, a handful of couples arrived at my house for a very lovely non-party crawfish boil.

The food was delicious but we had tons of leftovers. The next day, I decided to make some potato salad with the leftover boiled potatoes. I could not believe how fabulous it turned out. If you want to make a potato salad that has a little kick you have to give this a try!

 Original photo from non-party crawfish boil

To make the recipe at home without all the party/non-party hassle of a crawfish boil, simply boil your potatoes on the stovetop with a fabulous crawfish boil seasoning.
(By the way, a packet this size would never be sold in the state of Louisiana as it is embarrassingly small)

For eight small potatoes, I used 1/3 of a cup, which is about 1/2 of a packet

Try using a potato masher to get your potato salad really smooth

I added mayo, yellow mustard, hard boiled eggs & diced pickles.
I need to credit Ree Drummond because I am using her suggested ingredients, plus or minus a few things. I really love how she uses pickles instead of relish and how she leaves the eggs large.

I forgot the scallions from her recipe, (which I love), so I just added them to the top.  It kind of has a sweet heat flavor that will knock your socks off. Trust me, you can't get flavor like this after the potatoes have cooked. It is delicious!! Thanks honey!

Even though summer is nearly over, you still have time to squeeze in one more perfect summer lunch: Oven-fried chicken, sliced watermelon, non-party potato salad and strawberry lemonade. Enjoy!

Oh, and I'll see you all next year at our very large, very festive crawfish boil where there will be tons of laughs, great food and so many dips the grocery store will have to re-order cream cheese! ;)


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