Monday, September 30, 2013

Costume Ideas For Your Pet-Happy Halloween!

You are probably aware of the slight obsession I have with my puppy dogs. They are sweet & funny &, well, you get the picture. The little one, Mardi, has very short hair so, in the colder months, she wears a t-shirt or sweater. She absolutely loves wearing clothes & jumps around excitedly when she sees a new outfit coming her way, (we have that in common). Our newer dog, Marlin, kind of wears clothes all the time since he is a Golden Doodle. Regardless, I love having them both dress up for Halloween.

Last year, they went as Rod Stewart & Rachel Hunter.

Their costumes were kind of lame & they kept them on for about a nano-second. Since they cost much more than I care to admit, I decided to skip buying them something cute this year......until I visited the Nearly New Thrift Store.

Nearly New is owned & operated by the Junior League of Atlanta, of which I am a member. As I was dropping off a donation, I took a look around because you never know what you will find, (they carry Ferragamo shoes, Lily Pulitzer, Hudson jeans, something for everyone). As luck would have it, they had an entire rack of children's & pet Halloween costumes. I probably picked out 10-12 that I liked, laid them out on the counter & had a volunteer & a customer helping me pick the perfect ones. (Thanks for the help ladies)

So, in the spirit of passing along a smart shopping tip, I am sharing my pet's Halloween costumes with you now. Enjoy!

Marlin The Fireman, cost a mere $5 and still had the tags on!! What you cannot see are the "doggle"s that he refused to wear on top of his head. He wore this for a sum total of 45 seconds.

Mardi The Princess was also just $5! This is actually a child's costume but Mardi really has no idea that she is a dog. She prissed around in this for an hour. Do you like her over the shoulder pose? I swear she does this when she sees me coming with a camera.
This is the way to go friends. $10 for two pet costumes, you can't beat it!
Confession time; I saw this lion costume that looks just like the one my nephew wore when he was a baby. It was $2. That's right, $2!! While this is not either pups official Halloween costume, I could not resist seeing them in this adorable getup. And did I mention it was $2?
Marlin, looking ticked, to put it nicely
After I snapped his photo, he ran straight to daddy for help! 
While this didn't quite fit Miss Mardi.....
She decided to channel the old Hollywood glamour of Marilyn Monroe.... 
But I think she looks ultra-modern like the models from the Gaultier winter show. Work it Mardi!
So, please share your pet and kid Halloween pics with me and don't forget to shop your favorite thrift store!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

When Marlin Met Mardi

"As Harry puts it, men and women can never be friends because the sex part always gets in the way."
                                                                                                       -When Harry Met Sally

September 16th marks one year since sweet Marlin joined our family. My first impression of him was that he was much larger than I anticipated and quite a little mop-head. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with this smart, cuddly horse of a dog. When I tell him to "love mama", he rests his head sideways on my shoulder. He seriously knows how to work me! Mardi, on the other hand, took a little convincing......

Marlin at the aiport waiting to travel to Atlanta where everyone fell in love with him

Including the lady that weighed him
(P.S. Did we earn frequent flyer miles with this ticket?)

At first, Mardi kept her distance

She wouldn't even let him in her house.
If she had thumbs, she would have written a sign in big letters that said KEEP OUT!

But then, Marlin started enticing her into games of tug of war, fetch & the like

Soon, Marlin showed her that he loved to lay on the ground while she "attacked" him, much to her delight 

While she wasn't used to playing with another dog, muchless one twice her size,
she eventually warmed up to him.....literally :)

And now they are BFF's

"I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible"
                                                                                                                -When Harry Met Sally


Sometimes when I am bored, I like to style Marlin's hair. Truth be told, he loves it. Seriously, he does! I guess it is a good thing that I always have projects lying around waiting to be finished so I am not bored too often. :)

Bed Head

 As Rod Stewart

Mad Scientist Marlin 

Impersonating a wolf

Showing his quirky side  

The Marlin Mowhawk, aka a Mullett
Daddy got his own pair of clippers so....  

The Blowout

Taking a Joy Ride

Marlin the Lion 

A Beauty Shot 

Isn't he beyond adorable? We certainly think so :)

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