Monday, August 19, 2013

Book Club Decor Made Easy

I have to admit, I have a thing for miniatures. I can't explain it but they make me think of playing make-believe which is, of course, what we are doing when we read books, right? It was my turn to host book club so I decided to add a few special touches to the décor. I pulled out some of my favorite old books, (and some new). I decided to make them all blue or neutral in color. Since I studied English Literature in college, I have quite a selection to choose from. My favorite onces are Broadway plays from the 1950's so I started with that collection, then skipped all the way to more current publications. Every little area was accented with my favorite miniatures from childhood. I am not sure that they were noticed but, they definitely made me smile :)

I mostly used supplies that I already had on cost=$0

I did pick up some adorable mini plants to use as accents, ($2.99 each.), which I wrapped in a favorite wrapping paper & glued on a double-stack ribbon accent.

Since I am rather fond of my book collection, I picked up a few books at Goodwill to "play" with. ($3.99 each) I used an box cutter to make deep holes in each side of this book.

I then dropped in two miniature plants which I accented with ferns from my lawn.
I also wrapped some of my Goodwill books around a few candles.
I do love something unexpected yet low key in a centerpiece. Since I was on a kick with miniatures, I added mini roses from my garden & a mini swan.

From there I just used some of the stacked books to prop up my little mini plants. I thought a mini deer would be adorable sitting at the base of this plant.

This was my favorite....all plays from the 1950's under a simple cake plate, topped with mini roses....and a mini pig.



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