Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yikes! Renovation of a Gift Wrap Room

In December 2010, my husband & I purchased a home that was built in 1939 & began to renovate it. I videotaped lots of before & during shots as I thought it would be more interesting than just still pictures. The thing that I noticed when watching the videos was my excessive use of the word “yikes”. Apparently every room scared me. J I am lucky that my husband has more vision than I do because the end result is quite lovely. (I will share at a later date)

For my birthday, he surprised me by telling me that he was going to add on a little craft/gift wrap room for me. I was SO excited because I have wanted one of these for, well, forever! When we bought the house, we had an area in mind to build this but, I honestly thought it would be years before this happened. We used and an existing closet that housed lots of junk but lacked lighting, electrical outlets, insulation, etc. Until today, I had lots of great “before” shots that were eaten by a virus on my computer L  If I can locate another copy on another flash I will post them. But, trust me, they would make you want to say “yikes!”?

Needless to say, I think my new catch phrase may have to be “wow!”

Here’s what we’re doing: sheetrock the walls & ceiling, adding recessed lighting, HVAC & electrical outlets, (for my glue gun of course), re-finishing & painting existing built-ins, replacing the flooring & painting top to bottom. Check out the cute blue floors!!

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