Monday, December 24, 2012


My favorite spot to relax in the evening

Our puppies personalized ornaments

I could sit here for hours...and I do!
Adorable gingerbread house at the Governor's Mansion tour

 One of the many trees at the Governor's Mansion tour

How cute is my wreath?

Still working on my tree collection...I think I need to hit the after-Christmas sales! 

My dining room table 

A sweet needlepoint Santa pillow 
Believe it or not, we found this in the garage of the home we bought. I think it was home-made and love it! 

A 1950's Mrs. Claus store display that I picked up at an antique market. She is majorly cute! 

A mini tree/rosemary plant with rustic ornaments. 
Our neighbor's house:
A decorator suggested that I put Christmas balls at the top of my lamps. I think she was right. 
My little sugars:




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