Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Orange You in Love With Color?

These were given to me about seven years ago by my mother in law. I believe she used to keep them on her back porch & I just thought they were so cool. Admittedly, I tried to do a "white wash" finish on one a few years ago that didn't turn out so well. With neutral still being a major trend in home decor, I was trying to follow suit. And, while I love the overall look, I am way too eclectic to not add a serious pop of color here & there.

There are two reasons why I selected orange as my pop of color. Number one is that my home office has orange accents that I just adore. Number two is because my husband & I throw an annual crawfish boil & I thought accenting with orange would be just the perfect accompaniment to my outdoor decor for that particular party.

Before you start a spray-painting project, you should know that spray-painting is uber-fun and ultra-addictive!

I made sure they were clean, snapped one last pic of them in their original form and got started with the primer.

After I got them primed, I was almost convinced that I needed to leave them white...almost.

The particular paint that I used actually contains a glossy finish and primer, (I doubled up on primer just to be safe since the iron was black). The combination means that it takes this paint a really long time to dry. It was a beautiful Saturday in January & I actually got a little hot. In between coats, I opened my fridge and delightfully found a real Coke (not diet!), in a bottle from when I took my niece & nephew to the World of Coke a few months ago. Needless to say, I highly recommend it as a way to pass the time as the paint dries :)

I literally gasped as the first stroke of spray paint hit the metal. I paused momentarily & then reminded myself that everything in life doesn't need to be a safe choice. Look at how adorable these turned out!!

My pups area always oh so curious about what I am doing the part of the yard they cannot access. The big fluffy one is Marlin & the little one peeking out of the dog house is Mardi.

And since I had all of my supplies out, I decided to paint this frame as well. I have had it stored in my craft room for over a year, not quite sure what to do with it. I want to paint something on the wall behind it. Any suggestions?


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