Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let's Make Jellyfish!

I recently got to spend some time with two of my nephews in Atlantic Beach where my dad rented a house for the month. Granted, kids really only need their imagination to have fun but I love doing crafts so I brought along one that I thought would be easy & fun. 

Let's Make Jellyfish!

Start with paper plates, bags, string, washable paint, paint brushes and two cute little kiddos.

Paint both sides of the bags & plates

After an adult makes slits at the bottom of the bags for "tentacles", 
have a little one crinkle the bag for some movement

After an adult cuts a small slit in the top of the bag & plate, 
have little one pull the string through both holes & tie in a knot.

OK, let's face it, I hung 98% of these but they did enjoy the painting aspect. Aren't they cute?

Our fun morning of crafting was followed by playing on the beach where we found an actual sea creature; a starfish. What a perfect summer day!


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