Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chocolate Covered Baseballs: A Sweet Gift Idea

I spend a LOT of time researching ideas for centerpieces. Sometimes it is for work and other times it is for personal parties. I think Pinterest is a great way to source ideas because it can introduce you to new websites or blogs that you many have never heard of. One such site is Flowers on 1st in Vancouver BC.
Visit the Flowers on 1st Website

Their website says: We deliver flowers, balloons, gift baskets, birthday cakes and Belgian chocolates to all areas of the city including Vancouver General Hospital, the University of British Columbia and all cruise ship at the Vancouver ports.

But what I found on their Facebook page is so much more than what they describe! Check our these chocolate covered apples, for example. Aren't they adorable? Even though I am not that talented in the kitchen, I decided to give them a try.

Photo: Chocolate-Dipped Apples, great gift idea for any occasion.

My company recently signed a really exciting sports-focused client that is launching a new concept this fall. Our team spent weeks researching, preparing (sweating, whining, laughing, crying) and then presenting all of our ideas to our client in Jupiter, Florida. I know, I know, its a tough life but somebody's got to do it. Needless to say, our client loved our ideas which made all of our hard work so, so worth it. As a treat to our team, I made them all chocolate covered baseballs. 

Thanks to Flowers on 1st for their inspiration. If you are in their area, give them a try the next time you need to send flowers....or a sweet treat. And tell me, where does your inspiration come from?


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