Monday, April 7, 2014

Crawfish Boil Decor

After over a decade of working non-profit events, I suppose I picked up a thing or two about how to decorate on a tight budget. I like to create looks that incorporate things from natural settings; like the magnolia leaves from my yard, for example. I want guests to walk in and take notice but not feel like things are overdone.

I was honored to have been asked to create the d├ęcor for a corporate holiday party this past December and ended up decorating for a friend's Christmas party the next week. (I will share those ideas around the 2014 holidays) Since that time, I have found myself offering to make centerpieces for friend's parties in lieu of bringing a side dish or wine, for example. I think it is a nice gesture and takes a small, but sometimes stressful, item off the hosts "to do" list. 

This particular party was a crawfish boil in honor of our friend's 40th birthday. The backyard setting had a rustic-chic feel. My husband & I throw a crawfish boil most summers so I didn't want the decor to look exactly like mine. Since they have a sandpit in their backyard for horseshoes, I thought it would be fun to throw in some beachy elements. 

Displaying fruit can be an easy (and inexpensive ) centerpiece. I used an over-sized clam shell that I just adore! 

I chose deep pink Camellia blossoms and Acuba leaves from my yard. The key to using fresh cut flowers and fruit is Baby Oil!!
Remember this old post from 2011? Old Post About Baby Oil

Sliced lemons in a medium-sized clam shell make for a useful centerpiece on the crawfish "dump" table

One of my favorite backyard treasures is my over-sized lantern. I filled it with wheat flour (to look like sand), then dropped in decorative shells & a rustic candle.

A little tip: Before you fill a lantern with flour, or anything else, you need to line the inside of the bottom with clear tape. Otherwise it will go everywhere when you transport it.

I wrapped a plain candle in netting that I filled with seashells.

This is an old wine crate that I have been dying to use for something. I draped netting over the side and painted a loose-hand "40" on the side. It served as a gift deposit, which, at our age, is typically a nice bottle of something or a gift certificate :)

The lovely hostess found an idea for a banner on Pinterest & took the time to make it. She hand-stamped each piece of burlap. Isn't it just perfect?

She also incorporated burlap for special touches around the tables.

She got the iron "A" at TJ Maxx & used it on the dessert table.

Btw, if you ever want a custom-made metal letter (or sign), you have got to check out my friend's business. I just ordered a custom sign for a close friend that is retiring. This style is very hip right now & I just love them!

Metal and Lights Etsy Shop

                            The star of the decor at a crawfish boil is the crawfish itself.

Look at these beauties!


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