Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chevron Painter's Tape

I was shopping at Lowe's one day when I came across chevron painter's tape. It immediately struck me as something I should buy but, for some reason, I decided to wait until I knew what I wanted to paint. When I went back to make my purchase, they told me that they didn't carry such a thing. I thought maybe I confused them with Home Depot or Ace Hardware so I stopped by both places & got the same answer. Three trips later I started to think that this idea came to me in a dream so I went to the dreamiest shopping place on earth, Amazon, and sure enough, they had it.

I picked the bulletin board in my home office because it desperately needed a makeover. I spend a lot of time in there so I think it should be fun, whimsical and invoke a sense of creative chaos. For all of my creative friends, you know what I mean. It is kind of the equivalent of letting your freak flag fly in the sense that all of my weird decor resides in this room....and I LOVE it!

Here is the "before":
Another "before":

The dreamy chevron painter's tape

I highly recommend that you layout out the entire project before removing the backing

Remove the backing very slowly

Then use regular painter's tape to cover the border

At this point I realized that painter's tape doesn't stick that well to cork. I was able to smooth it all down in sections though & it held up long enough for me to spray. I only mention this so you don't think that you can put down your painter's tape then come back to paint later on. 
I am certain it would have all popped up if I had waited.

I applied three medium/heavy coats of white spray paint

Since the edges where a bit finicky, I used a q-tip to lean the edges after I painted.
This worked surprisingly well.


After I finished it, I decided that I liked it so much that I wanted a double-decker so I ordered a second board!

I can't wait to fill it with all sorts of inspirational things...and pictures of my nieces & nephews :)

P.S. I think this chevron painter's tape would make for a very fun girl's night activity re-purposing picture frames or making beverage tub. Have fun! :)


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