Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Get Ready for the Summer Sun with these Must-Haves

There are few things that get me in the mood for summer like the smell of sunscreen. I wear it every day, even in the winter, but there is something about piling it on in May that makes me very anxious for June, July & August! My favorite sunscreen costs a fortune but works. I can easily wear it under makeup without a cakey feel and I will never use anything else.

Retail price: $45

As proof of how well Obagi works, please "enjoy" (ha!) these before & after photos of my forehead and cheeks.

I didn't use sunscreen on a daily basis for about two years and, ended up with lots of damage.

I had to work on my sun spots & melasma with product and facials....and protect it with a great sunscreen


P.S. I didn't intentionally make the before picture dark & the after one sunny.
P.P.S (or is is p.s.s.?)  Consider this your update on Lattise from my February, 2012 post :)

My aesthetician recommended that I start wearing a hat in the car, or as I like to call it, a "car hat". I got mine at Old Navy & I love it!
Retail price: $12.94

 See, it isn't dorky...right?

One night, while watching Shark Tank for the first time, I saw a young lady present a sugar scrub that caught my attention. My sister used to buy a similar scrub for me in LA until the company went out of business about 10 years ago. I haven't been able to find a product that I liked as much since then. The way the sugar dissolved was amazing and the oil was the perfect amount of moisture for my overly dry skin. Salt scrubs are just a bit too harsh for my sensitive skin.The young lady went on to mention that this all natural product that she created at the age of 11 that had actually cured her eczema. I was sold....and so was Mark Cuban!

I love the grapefuit scent!
Retail price: $16.95 for the large, 16oz. jar.
Why would you buy the small? You are going to love it!

Last but not least, I want to give you my super-easy smoothie "recipe". I love the idea of adding kale, spinach or other fabulous ingredients to my concoction, but the reality is that if I am drinking a smoothie for breakfast, it is because I am on the go & have very little time. So, with that in mind, here ya go!

Mix these two ingredients together in your blender with some ice and you can thank me later!

(140 Calories; 9g Carbs; 23g Protein; 0g Fat)

I only use about a cup, or 1/2 of the small bottle
(110 Calories; 25g Carbs; 0g Protein; 0.5g Fat)

Disclaimer: This is not your typical sweet smoothie. You MUST like greek yogurt in order to enjoy this beverage!  I am also not sure what this has to do with the summer sun except that it is refreshing.


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