Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Memorial Feaux Glow

Growing up in the south means that I spent my long summer days playing or laying in the sun. I loved being tan but, alas, as I got older, I realized just how damaging all those years in the sun had been to my skin. These days, I am very proud of my pale, white skin. Thank goodness for the vampire trend! However, when summertime rolls around, I still have that urge to sport a golden tan. Instead of baking in the sun, I like to do a feaux glow. Here are some options I hope you will try!



I absolutely LOVE Jiffy Tan when I am in a pinch. I mainly use it on my legs when I am going to a party or want to look my best while wearing a short skirt or dress. As my friend Mary Susan says, "Tan fat looks better than white fat." Ha ha! Come to think of it, why does she keep saying this particular quote to me? ;)

Jiffy Tan is a tinted lotion that, when applied correctly, can give you an instant glow. The upside is that it dries quickly, which helps avoid staining your clothes, and it tints your skin for about two days. The downside is that you have to be very careful when applying it because it is very messy. It also has a bit of sparkle so just be aware that your legs will glitter in the sun.

Don't be afraid when the lotion looks like this when you first put it on.

I cannot stress to you enough the importance of wearing disposable gloves. This is key in helping the lotion to spread on evenly because, unlike your bare hands, the product won't stick to the gloves. Also, use on old cloth to buff areas where the excess doesn't rub in easily (ie: heels, knees, etc.)

Kind of amazing huh? 
Yes, I left one leg white & one leg tan just for you!!

NOTE: Apparently Benefit has actually discontinued this product.
You can still get it websites like this:

There are several similar products out there:

Victoria's Secret has a plethora of choices of body bronzers.
A girl in my office uses it & seems relatively satisfied.

BODY BLING (The J. Lo glow)
Body Bling is also apparently fabulous. I think I will order this one when I run out of Jiffy Tan.


I tend to avoid self-tanners on my face since I don't love putting anything on my face that is out of my skin care regimen. Bronzing powder, however, can help me achieve a natural summer glow when I want to match my legs :) There are so many options out there ranging in price, smell, etc. but the main thing for me is color. Also, since I use it during the summer when it is hot & my face sweats, I want a product I can toss once a month to avoid putting any sort of bacteria on my face. My top choice is a tried & true brand that won't break the bank: Cover Girl (Soft Honey)  Their options are pretty great too. You can choose from: pressed (my choice), translucent, sensitive skin, oily, etc.



A friend of mine owns a mobile tanning company called Sunset Mist. She comes to your house & gives you the most even, beautiful and natural tan. I love working with her for special events or in the summer when I am feeling especially pasty. She e-mailed me one day to ask if I would be a test model for her summer season meaning that she was training new staff members & wanted them to practice on me. I immediately agreed for the sake of my blog.....the things I do for my blog readers ;)


(the lighting in the conference room was really terrible, sorry!)

P.S. I never said I was a good photographer......

I hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day holiday and enjoy whichever feaux glow you choose to try. I am headed to one of my favorite beaches where I hope to relax, read and perhaps enjoy an afternoon bushwacker.....while wearing lots of sunscreen of course :)


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