Monday, November 12, 2012

Appetizer Series: Bourbon Bacon Toast

Here's the deal, I actually hate cooking. I don't mind preparing things, like a fabulous salad or chicken salad or egg salad. Basically anything that you can mix up with mayo & it automatically tastes delicious. My mashed potatoes are amazing but, let's face it, they're pretty hard to messs up. I can also order like none other. Ever tried White Chicken Chili from Roasters (Atlanta friends)? It's delicious, inexpensive and ready when I want it.

That being said, my husband & I do try to cook on Sundays. Mainly, I am the sous chef, he then makes a huge mess, we eat (around 9:00 p.m.), and I clean. I recently decided that, while I am not talented in the main dish or side dish categories, I may actually have an inclination for appetizers. This would serve two purposes:
1. I would get to try out new recipes without the fear of ruining an entire meal
    2. I could get something yummy in my tummy before it is bedtime!

This month, I will show you three of my favorites, starting with BOURBON BACON TOAST. How delicious does that sound? And you know if I am making it, it must be easy! I hope you will give it a try.
Bourbon Bacon Toast Recipe
1 loaf of wheat bread
2 tbs. bourbon
1 jar mango chutney
1 lb. bacon

No, I didn't actually use all of the bacon shown. The day before I had made some deviled eggs. If you've never sprinkled bacon on your deviled eggs, give it a shot. It is fabulous!!

I actually paired down the recipe to meet my needs. I mixed 1 tbs. bourbon with 4 tbs. mango chutney...yes, I see that my bourbon to mango ratio is probably higher than it should be.

I used a measuring cup to stamp out the wheat bread, topped it with the mixture & added a generous amount of bacon.


I then put it under the broiler for 3 minutes. This is what happened:

Seriously, this is not new to me. How on earth does one burn something in a mere 3 minutes? I am cursed!

I had slept well the night before so I didn't have a complete meltdown (ha ha!). Since I had plenty of ingredients leftover (loads of bacon!), I immediately tried again. This time, I put it under the broiler for 2 minutes, which was perfect. Look how pretty!

Next time, I think I may heat the bourbon/chutney mixture for 30 seconds in the microwave to help it heat through since it is in the oven for such a short time.

I hope you will give this a try. And if you burn it to a crisp, I hope you will try it again! :)


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