Wednesday, October 31, 2012


As you may know, I have always loved dressing my puppy Mardi up for Halloween. Let me just say that a few things;

A. The new puppy, Marlin, apparently doesn't have a festive spirit/like wearing outfits

B. Getting them both dressed & in the same picture was impossible. Regardless, enjoy my effort and a few other Halloween treats!

Can you guess who they are going as?

If you guess Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter, you are correct!!

Have you wanted to try those new Sally Hansen stick on nails? I LOVE these! They were super-easy to apply & have stayed on for 5 days thus far.  I can't wait to see what styles they have for Christmas...maybe something with snowflakes?

A simple front door display 

Adorable baby pumpkins that served as a centerpiece for the October baby shower I hosted.

A blast from Halloween's past:



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