Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Favorite Moniker: Aunt J

It's true, I have a slight obsession with my eight (eight!) nieces & nephews. Five boys + three girls= lots of giggles & fun. I absolutely adore each & every one of them for the awesome little people that they are.
When my niece unpacks my suitcase at the beach & organizes my things in the bathroom or when my nephew touches the mole on my cheek with curiosity, it truly warms my heart. They are so, so dear to me.
I sometimes think about things like talking to them about their first boyfriend/girlfriend, watching them graduate from college, or making toasts at their weddings. It occurs to me that by that time, they probably won't think that I am very cool and I will likely annoy them by kissing their faces wearing too much lipstick and saying things like "I remember when you came to visit me when you were three & peed on my rug."  With that in mind, it is my goal to be the coolest aunt possible until that day comes.

I would be remiss if I did not mention my two precious aunts: Aunt Judy and Aunt Peggy. I finally understand why they think I am fabulous, even when I am not. They are always on my side and in my corner cheering me on and that is a very cool feeling. I am very lucky to have them both as well as a very special Great Aunt Mavis. Aunt Mavis has the sweetest spirit of anyone I have ever met! I love that she always wants to touch my face or hands because I see myself in her when I am around my nieces & nephews.

Since this summer has me running around like a crazy person, (anyone else feel this way?), I will simply share some pictures of two of my nephews that recently visited us in Atlanta. We had a blast!! My favorite keepsakes are always the videos that I take of them...but I like to keep those all to myself :)

 Legoland, of course!

World of Coke 4-D movie

Playing with Marlin & Mardi

  Playing at Peachtree DeKalb Airport playground 

The Georgia Aquarium is fabulous!

Playing teatherball with their uncle...it was much funnier to watch him try to play this game on his own though. I will give you a moment to visualize..... 

Playing in "Uncle Ance's" Jeep

 How on earth do I have a flesh & blood nephew that doesn't like to have his picture taken? 

Mardi made sure that everyone knew that I was her mama :)


P.S. Does he not look just like the kid from The Hangover?

After a long, fun-filled day, a nap was in store

After a long, fun-filled day, a fruity cocktail was also in store

A BIG thanks to my sis for travelling all the way to Atlanta with two little cuties just to see us.
Stay longer next time!!

If you are an aunt to a fabulous & funny kiddo or two, (or eight), check out Savvy Auntie on Facebook or visit http://savvyauntie.com/defaulthome.aspx


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