Friday, January 6, 2012

Recycling At It’s Best- Mardi Gets a Manor

My sweet puppy, Mardi, is a tiny bit on the wild side. Actually, she is rather nuts, but I love, love, love her. When I was a little girl, we had three (!) Saint Bernards, (Chrissy, Alex & Lucky). They had this amazing, huge dog house with a big opening in the front. I can remember crawling in there with all three of them and playing for hours. If I saw it now it would probably measure 3’ x 3’ or something really small but it seemed huge to me then. I have been dreaming of building a beautiful dog house for my little sugar for a while, remembering how much I loved the one we had growing up. I hate the plastic kennel she was sleeping in because it seemed too small & had no appeal to it at all.

As you may know, we completed a renovation a while ago which means that we had left over everything; all very unfortunately stored in my garage. This is actually my husband’s project but I thought it was cool so I am sharing it with you. I scoured the Internet to find a design that I like and had the hubby tweak it a bit. I wanted her to have a front porch, lots of space inside and ventilation.

Here’s what we’re doing: All materials used were left over from construction on our house:
 The frame- beams used in our kitchen (cemented into the ground)
 The flooring- hard woods from our kitchen and office. Yes, Mardi has hard wood floors!
 The roofing- shingles from our new roof
The paint- left over from our old house
The front door: old kitchen cabinet door. Can you believe it was the perfect size?
We actually made two doors, a winter version, which is solid, and a summer version, which has a screen (shown)
The screen: old fireplace screen


perfectly flawed said...

I can't show this to Phoebe and Lulu. They will be so jealous. This is so cute and it is a great idea. I love that you guys used a bunch of items from your own house. Makes it more symbolic!

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