Friday, December 9, 2011

A Rustic Christmas Tree Look

This is my first year to really go all out with Christmas decorating. I wanted to plan different looks for each room that I was decorating & decided to place two small trees in my husband’s office & use rustic ornaments. I actually am using 2 gallon rosemary bushes that I got at my local nursery. It took twenty minutes, looks adorable & smells incredible!

Here’s what we’re doing:
Purchase two, 2-gallon rosemary bushes ($27 each) My local nursery has these cut in the shape of Christmas trees this time of year.
Purchase 7/8 yard of burlap (I had no idea that burlap came in so many different shades…I selected a light one).
Cut that piece exactly in half. If you are doing this inside, place a towel down before working with the burlap or it will get everywhere.
Place your tree in the center & use a rubber band to secure the burlap to the pot.
Reverse tuck the pieces that are sticking out & secure under the rubber band.


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