Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Great Holiday Neighbor Gift

I love dropping a little treat in my neighbor's mailboxes around the holidays. Who doesn't love a sweet surprise? This one is my favorite because it is so easy, very inexpensive and delicious!

Start with: Raisins, Craisins, Unsalted Peanuts, M&M's, Butterscotch Chip and anything else you have in your cabinet. I had dried cherries on hand so I threw those in as well.

Dump all ingredients into a bowl & mix well.

Spoon them into mason jars for fresh keeping
(these last much longer than cellophane bags)
You can tie a ribbon around the top or wrap them in a dinner napkin. I picked up these holiday dinner napkins at my local thrift store for $.50/each.
What a steal!

I never know how much I will need to fill my jars so I keep a spare jumbo mason jar on hand for any leftovers. This also makes it super simple to assemble a last minute gift or make an addition to a basket.


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