Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine!

I recently reached out to my girlfriends because I wanted to know what products they loved and considered hidden gems. Instead of re-writing the responses they wrote, I left their e-mails in their original form, only editing for clarity or grammar. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did. And give some of these products a try, I certainly plan to. Happy 1st Day of SPRING!!! Winter is over, we made it!!


Suggested by Susan P.
This may be a hidden gem...I'm a big fan of Bio-Oil. I have some discoloration on leg from when I tore my calf muscle (too much time on the heating pad!).  This has really helped. 
My take: I tried it for my eczema this winter & loved it. It isn't heavily scented but, to me, it smells like cinnamon!


Suggested by Ashley G.
Has alpha hydroxy acids so it burns a tiny bit the 1st couple times you use it but it is amazing!
My take: Beauty is pain so bring on the burn!


Suggested by Kristen T.
I find Sonia Kashuk Illuminator (baby pink bottle) to be amazing mixed in with a drop of moisturizer or foundation to really brighten the skin and make your cheekbones more defined.  When applied around the temples, it really makes your eyes pop as well....especially if you're tired! 
My take: Can’t wait to try it!


Suggested by Mary Susan C.
Darn!!  A cheap product I love is discontinued!!  I still like the one still around. $3.99. Same concept at the Bobbi Brown compact that is so popular:
My take: Seeing WetNWild made me giggle. Didn't we all just love it in junior high? I think it is time to re-visit this long-standing brand!


Suggested by Mary Susan C.
Unnecessary but a fun product. I love the smell!
My take: Can’t wait to try it! I am noticing an illuminating theme….


Suggested by Ashley G.
Huge fan of this, I think we talked about this before. Works great & is half the price of Obagi.
My take: I started using this product during the winter so I will be curious to see how it stands up to my usual brand (Obagi) during the summer months. Paying $20 vs. $45 sounds like a great deal to me!


Suggested by Erin T.
I have a hair product that I am obsessed with. I got a sample of it in one of my Birchboxes. The small size has gone a long way for me. Just requires a few spritzs before blow-drying. And you don't get that producty-feel in your hair with this either. Things I like about this product and why I would recommend it:

1) Love the smell
2) Makes my hair feel softer/smoother when damp and after when blow-dried
3) Put in my before blow-drying and don't get as many fly-aways/wispy hairs 
My take: Can’t wait to try it, especially in the upcoming summer months!


Suggested by Erin S.
A new favorite! Not exactly cheap, but it lasts for 12 weeks and I justify it because I can never find time to actually go anywhere for a peel! 
My take: Can’t wait to try it! Seriously, DYING to try this!!


Suggested by Alexandra S.
One of my girlfriends recently started this and she LOVES it. Says it really does deliver on results. I am going to try it!
My take: Ok, this isn't actually a product suggestion but, I had never heard of it so I had to share it. Can’t wait to try it but maybe one of you could go first & tell me all about it? 


Suggested by Me :)
My sister in law is a fabulous dentist in Baton Rouge! Griffon's Gentle Dental

She made whitening treys for me for my birthday one year and they worked so great. In the meantime, however, I still drink red wine, coffee, etc. so I have to do touch ups every so often. I happened to try this toothpaste, probably because it was on sale, and realized that I don’t have to touch up as often. Never in a million years did I think that I would care about a particular toothpaste but, trust me, this one does what it says!
My take: I love it!

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